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Does Online Hypnotherapy work?

Over the past few months I’ve been trialling consultations and appointments via Skype and to be perfectly honest I’m surprised at how well they work. There’s obviously certain criteria that need to be met to help achieve a successful online hypnotherapy appointment. These being a sound internet connection, a device to receive Skype calls on, a comfortable sitting of laying position in a place where you’ll not be disturbed i.e. a home, a place of work or even hotel room.

Previously I had been unsure of online hypnotherapy consultations and appointments as when I’d trialled them a few years back, there had been a tendency for disturbances and interruptions from client phones, doorbells, husbands, wives, children and animals.
I have always felt for truly fast acting and successful hypnotherapy it’s necessary to pull people away from familiarity, from strong connections they may have with a certain experience, a place or indeed a person. However, I also appreciate that sometimes this is not possible, especially in the current climate, or indeed convenient for clients. Which is one of the reasons why I recently revisited and trialled offering Skype Hypnotherapy consultations and appointments once more.
Over the past few months I’ve been absolutely amazed at how well the online Hypnotherapy appointments have worked. Feedback from clients has been extremely positive with one even writing:

“My anxiety levels had been very high because of the Corona Virus. I was not comfortable leaving the house and was constantly worrying and having trouble sleeping at night. But after 3 Hypnotherapy sessions with Paul I could feel my levels of anxiety reducing. It feels like I have been reset. I am now sleeping well at night and have managed to walk to my local shop to go shopping for food. Thank you Paul” 

As per usual consultation via Skype are free and should you wish to proceed, online hypnotherapy appointments are charged at just £40 saving you £20 off the usual face to face appointments. And another great thing about appointments online is that you need not be based in Wymondham, Norwich, Norfolk or even the UK. In fact, just last week I had my very first client from America, apparently my rates are so much cheaper than those charged in the States. 

Are there negatives to online appointments? Well, as long as the client has an adequate internet connection, a device to receive camera Skype calls on, can make themselves comfortable without disturbances for the duration of the hypnotherapy appointment, then no. I’ve found the number of sessions a client needs to overcome a particular issue does increase slightly when compared to face to face hypnotherapy sessions, but online prices have been downwardly adjusted to accommodate this and so overtime prices paid for face to face vs online appointments are comparable.

I guess in my heart of hearts I still believe face to face hypnotherapy sessions are the quickest and most effective way for a client to overcome issues. However, that isn’t to say online hypnotherapy sessions are not effective, far from it, online hypnotherapy appointments are very effective. 

Due to current Corona Virus business restraints I'm not presently offering face to face Hypnotherapy appointments but if you’re interested to see how online hypnotherapy appointments can work for you please do not hesitate to make contact.

Call 07925 140 931 or email Paul@2bat1.com 

I wish you all well and look forward to hearing from you soon.



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