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Hypnotheray FAQ's in detail

can hypnotherapy work for me?

Yes hypnosis and hypnotherapy can be incredibly powerful. It’s worked for me and millions of others and perhaps we shall work together and do so successfully, but hypnotherapy isn't a magical cure-all. Nothing is!

I can help you, but I can’t do it all for you. It takes commitment. Commitment from both you and I to ensure your hypnosis sessions have long lasting positive results.

It’s essential we get on well together or as they say in hypnotherapy and NLP circles ‘maintain good rapport.’ To put it another way, if you’re going to listen and act on what I, the hypnotherapist says, you have to believe and trust in what I’m saying. In some ways this is more important than any reputation or skill.


But before you decide on whether hypnosis is right for you, I’d advise you to;

  • Do your research, look online and talk to people

  • Shop around, call a few hypnotherapists and take advantage of any free consultations

  • Select a hypnotherapist who is registered with a professional association such as the National Council for Hypnotherapists (NCH) or Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)

  • Avoid hypnotherapists with a ‘one size fits all’ or a ‘quick fix approach’. For hypnotherapy to be truly effective it must be tailored to the individual and not mass produced

  • Pick a hypnotherapist that you feel comfortable with

  • Whatever you do, do not base your judgement on price alone. Cheap and cheerful doesn’t normally represent quality