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From Me to Me...

You need to do this and get it right, to have a future that’s healthy and bright.

To give it all up would be such a shame, you’ll only have yourself to blame.

You can’t achieve if you do not try, don’t let another chance pass you bye.

Don’t turn this into a full scale war and don’t forget you’ve done it before.

Why have a battle with yourself, if you want to be smoke free and sylph.

Never compare yourself to another, everyone’s different, you’re a good mother.

You love your family with your life, so please don’t give them any strife.

What you want is what you’ll get, if it’s negative that’s what to expect.

If you’re positive and in control, you’ll take the reins and reach you’re goal.

Never worry what others say, encourage yourself every day.

So don’t look back it doesn’t matter, you don’t want lung disease or to be fatter.

You have a positive persona; you’re not a whinger or a moaner,

Why not believe more in you, to show yourself what you can do.

You’re a poet, creative, rather clever, so come on girl go storm the weather.

After all you are a winner; don’t treat yourself like a sinner.

Love life, love yourself and you’ll go far; you may even gain a golden star.

You’re always there to help you through, so take on board what you’ve said to you.

Learn to belive in yourself with Hypnotherapy from 2b@1 Hypnotherapy Wymondham Norwich Norfolk Hypnotherapist

IThis was a poem written bey a client  to herself. I  do hope this poem helps to inspire you but if  you feel you're lacking motivation, confidence or self esteem why not get in touch to find out exactly how hypnotherapy can help you. Contact me