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July 19th 2021 Freedom Day..... But for who?

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Can on line hypnotherapy work? 

You may be surprised with the findings

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BOGOF's can Bog Off!

Should package deals be offered to clients within a Hypnotherapy environment

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12 Christmas tips to help reduce anaxiety

Christmas isn't as a relaxing time as it should be for many, so here's 12 tips to help reduce Christmas anxiety.

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Meditation Mondays

Im pleased to announce the start of a new weekly mediatation class

Meditation Mondays

Mindfulness Meditation classes for Men

New Mens Mediatation class dates have now been released for 2019. Click on the link for more information.

Meditation for Men


In support of Movember and to help raisie awareness of mens health issues, I'm offering Free Tension and Anxiety release Hypnotherapy sessions for Men every Monday throughout the whole of November.

Call today to book your Free "Movember Monday" session.

Lazy Blogging

OK, so perhaps I don't write blog pdates as often as I should, but now I really have something to tell you about.... 

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Mens Meditation

New 2018 Mens Meditation and Mindfulness dates now added.

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Shocking Smoking Stasistics

9.6 million adults smoke in the UK. Can you really afford to continue to smoke?

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Free Hypnotherapy Relaxation Session

Like or Love the 2b@1 Facebook page to be in wwith a change of receiving a FREE hypnotherapy relaxation session

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What is an NLP Anchor and how can we use them ?

An anchor is a stimulus that is linked with a particular state of mind or emotion. For example; a particular song heard on the radio may bring happy memories flooding back or perhaps a certain smell reminds you of the many hours spent baking in the kitchen with your mother........

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Motivation for weight loss

I’m currently seeing a client for weight loss and smoking cessation. She likes to write poems to help others so I asked her if she could write a poem to help herself. I loved it and thought others may benefit from it too so she graciously gave me permission to share it with you all.

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The ABCD Wellbeing Festival

The ABCD Wellbeing Festival is a fantastic Free event taking place at Connaught Hall in Attleborough on Sat 30th Jan 2016. The Wellbeing Festival will be home to over 50 organisations who offer ideas and solutions for ways of improvinging not just your own wellbeing but that of the community where you live.  2b@1 Hypnotherapy will be there along with fellow practioners from the Rowan House Wellbeing Centre Norwich. So why not pop along to have a chat to find out exactly how your wellbeing could be imporved.

The Winter Wellbeing Festival Connaught Hall is Station Road, Attleborough, Norfolk, NR17 2AS.