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Hypnotherapy for Phobias

Overcome Fears and phobias with 2b@1 Hypnotherapy Wymondham Norwich Norfolk based Hypnotherapist

Hypnotherapy can help you overcome phobias

Phobia, derived from the Greek word Phobos, meaning fear, is a type of anxiety disorder. 

A phobia can be described as a persistent fear of an object or situation which the sufferer goes to great lengths to avoid, such as spiders or perhaps flying. When the situation cannot be avoided entirely the sufferer normally experiences some form of distress such as increased heat rate, breathing difficulties or panic attacks.

Phobias come in many forms and vary in severity among individuals. Some suffer from any one of the hundreds of common phobias, mice, snakes, flying, presentations etc. Others may suffer from a rare phobia that’s unique to them and their life experiences. 

We all deal with our phobias in different ways. Some people simply avoid the subject of their fear, such as confined spaces. Others are not so lucky and suffer severe panic attacks with all the associated disabling symptoms whenever their phobia is confronted. Most people understand that they’re suffering from an irrational fear, but are powerless to override their reactions.

Whichever phobia you may suffer from the chances are it will fit into one of the 3 categories below, hypnotherapy can help with all of these.

  • Specific – The fear of a single distinctive object or situation that triggers an adverse reaction such as snakes, spiders, heights, flying or catching a specific illness

  • Social – The fear of public situations that the sufferer believes will lead to an embarrassment or humiliation, such as presentations, performances or speeches.

  • Spatial Claustrophobia / Agoraphobia – Fears of enclosed spaces or of leaving home or another familiar safe environment

Many phobias develop when we are young and slowly worsen with age. The human mind is an exceptionally powerful thing and creates feelings based on our thoughts, the way we talk to ourselves, the things we picture or how we see to ourselves. 

However, by using Hypnotherapy and Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques we can alter how we think about an event or situation which in turn will change both how we respond and the emotions attached to that response. 


If your phobia is affecting your lifestyle and causing you distress, whether it’s one of the many hundreds of common phobias or one that is unique to you, hypnotherapy can help you !

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