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Hypno-Nutrition your unique approach to weight loss

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) there are over 700 million obese and 1.6 billion overweight adults worldwide and despite the mass of diets on the market today obesity and weight gain are still on the increase to epidemic proportions. We have to ask the question why?

Losing weight isn’t simply about eating less food. It’s all very well wanting to lose weight but do you know the foods you should and shouldn’t eat? Are you aware of the foods that have a positive effect on your wellbeing and the foods that match the person you are? Can you change your food behaviours? Do you have the desire and motivation to succeed? Do you have the necessary willpower, self-esteem and confidence? 

Dietary Change

Physical Exercise

Cognitive Change 



Simply going on a diet can actually have a detrimental effect for many people. Standard pre-packaged, group weight-loss programmes with pre-planned lessons are not designed for the individual. They are however designed to make money!

Research has shown (Dalle Drave et al 2013) that 3 elements should exist to achieve successful weight-loss;

• Dietary change 
• Physical activity 
•Cognitive Change

2b@t1 Hypnotherapy-you are unique

You are unique! 

Picking up on the latest diet craze in the hope that you may lose weight is not the answer. Many weight issues are deep rooted, many stem from childhood. Food can be used for comfort or to negate a trauma or a bad experience from your past. It can be used to relieve stress or anxiety or to mask depression. Perhaps it’s a lack confidence, motivation or self-esteem. Some people may never fully appreciate why they behave in a certain way.
Hypno-nutrition is a weight-loss package that aims to tackle the root causes of weight gain to help you  lose weight and keep it off for good.
Combining both Nutrition and Hypnotherapy, Hypno-nutirtion is a step by step weight-loss programme that treats YOU as an individual.

FREE initial consultation allows you to find out more about Hypno-nutrition, who your Nutritionist and Hypnotherapist are and gives you the opportunity to ask any questions before making the decision to proceed.
Included in your programme are 6 one-hour long sessions, 3 Hypnotherapy and 3 Nutrition, each one tailored to your individual needs and designed specifically for you.

National Council for Hypnotherapy(NCH) Registered Hypnotherapist Paul Barratt seeks to address and eradicate any deep seated weight related issues that may exist. He will focus on those problematic thoughts that influence poor eating behaviour and help you to install new positive beneficial ones. Paul will help you to rediscover the drive and determination you need to succeed, reintroducing confidence and self-esteem that perhaps you once struggled to find along with enthusiasm, motivation and the desire to achieve once more .

Paul Barratt Hypnotherapist 2b@1 Hypnopy

Nutritionist Dr Rafe Bundy (RBL Nutrition) who has over 20years experience as a nutritionist will work hand in hand with you to analyse the relationship you have with food. Looking at your eating pattern and associated food behaviours to develop a specific dietary plan that’s both realistic and achievable.
Studies have shown that person to person weight loss programmes are far more successful for achieving and maintaining weight loss. If you’re the type of person who’s tried diet after diet, lost weight only to put it back on again or has been unsuccessful in losing weight before, then perhaps Hypno-nutrition is the perfect weight loss package for you.

Research has shown obesity to be associated with a 6-20 year decrease in life expectancy. 

Isn’t it time you changed the way you think about weight loss?


  • Free initial 30 minute assessment

  • Tailored individual sessions

  • Root causes for weight gain investigated

  • Uniquely developed dietary plan

  • Focus on not just losing weight but improving confidence, motivation and self-esteem 

  • Lifelong skills for self-management and self-care

  • Programmes adapted to suit individual needs as sessions progress

  • Helping you to build and sustain long term weight control

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