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One of the most effective ways to help hypnotherapy to be successful is to ensure a good client / hypnotherapist working relationship exists. I believe this to be essential yet easily achievable and something that will probably occur naturally. So to help start this process off allow me to tell you a little about myself.

Paul Barratt Hypnotherapist

My name is Paul Barratt and previously I've worked for; Car Manufacturers, Telecommuniacation, Event Management and IT companies. Some of these, large multinational companies and others small privately owned businesses employing just a couple of people.


After becoming a little disillusioned with working for people I retrained and set up my own Health and Safety Limited company. Working within this sector not only gave me the opportunity to meet lots of people, but it allowed me to investigate how people behaved and acted the way they did.

On one occasion I became intrigued when comparing two companies manufacturing the same product as to why there were many accidents at one company and few at the other. The more I researched the more I realised that 75% of all work accidents were due to human error. However, these accident figures could be greatly reduced through the simplest of measures, such as ensuring people understood the consequences of their behaviour and helping them to understand and appreciate how to change it. Overtime I became more and more interested as to what made people behave the way they did and whether they had to behave this way or could change for the benefit of themselves and others.

To cut a rather long story short, after many hours of research and many, many, more hours of training I became a NCH qualified Hypnotherapist trained in using many hypnotherapy and NLP techniques.

My first ever client was me, after all, how could I truly appreciate how to help people if I didn’t help myself. Since that date I've been successful working with many people to help them help themselves. Whether it’s a lack of confidence, anxiety or stress, weight loss or stopping smoking  I believe we all have the resources to be who we want to be but on occasions need a little guidance to help us find those resources. 

Or to put it another way; We already have the key to unlock our potential!

I am a member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH), the largest not-for-profit hypnotherapy professional associations in the UK. As a qualified hypnotherapist  I adhere to their code of ethics providing a confidential and professional service with a commitment to Continued Professional Development (CPD). 

I am DBS Checked (formerly CRB) and also volunteer for the fantasic Wymondham based cancer charity Star Throwers

I teach mindfulness and meditation and hold regular classes both online and face to face. My mediatation videos can be found on my YouTube channel here  

If you would like further information or wish to speak to me in person to find out in what ways I can help you please don't hesitate to contact me.